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Main Street Church Main Street Church is a non-denominational, bible-based church in Brigham City, Utah, and is the umbrella church for the outreach efforts listed here.
A Shield and Refuge Ministry A Shield and Refuge Ministry is an outreach to Mormon Fundamentalists and those seeking freedom from polygamy.
Sacred Groves Network Sacred Groves Network is a gathering of video testimonies of those from Mormon traditions who have encountered new life in the living Jesus Christ.
Polygamy: What Love Is This? Polygamy: What Love Is This? is a live, call-in talk show dedicated to looking at Mormon Fundamentalism and polygamy from a biblical perspective.
The Ex-Mormon Files The Ex-Mormon Files is a television program hosted by former LDS bishop Earl Erskine. It features interviews with former Mormons, and their journey to biblical faith in Jesus Christ.
Unveiling Grace Unveiling Grace is a documentary film released in 2011, and features the stories of the members of the Adam's Road band, among others, and their journey from Mormonism to biblical Christianity.


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