Main Street Church of Brigham City
a Lifting the Veil of Polygamy
Participant Biographies

Cathleen Hanson Cathleen Hansen

Cathleen was raised in the mainstream LDS Church, and was converted to Mormon Fundamentalism, along with her husband, who eventually took other wives. She left fundamentalism and some time afterward, encountered Jesus Christ. Cathleen lives in southern Utah.

Doris Hanson Doris Hanson

Doris was raised in a polygamous family of the Kingston fundamentalist group. She fled as a young adult to avoid an arranged marriage. After many years, she encountered Jesus, and is now the director of A Shield and Refuge Ministry, and the host of a television program, Polygamy: What Love Is This? Doris lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Janis Hutchinson Janis Hutchinson

Janis was raised in mainstreamn Mormonism, and later converted to a Mormon Fundamentalist group. After encountering Jesus, she fled the group in a perilous escape, and has since authored two books, The Mormon Missionaries and Out of the Cults and Into the Church. Her website is Janis lives in Washington State.

Howard Mackert Howard Mackert

Howard was born in the FLDS community of Hildale, Utah and grew up with more than thirty siblings. As a young adult, he became the first of his family to encounter Jesus. Howard now lives in Washington State.

Mary Mackert Mary Mackert

Mary, a half-sister of Howard, grew up in the FLDS and at the age of 17 was forced into a polygamist marriage to a much older man, and became his sixth wife. Mary eventually fled this lifestyle and encountered Jesus. She has written a book, Sixth of Seven Wives, and her website is: Mary now lives in northern Idaho.

David McGaughey David McGaughey

David was raised in the mainline LDS Church and became convinced through research that fundamentalism was true Mormonism. He joined the Harmston group in Manti, Utah. Through a discussion with a Christian missionary, he encountered the true Jesus, and left the group. He now lives with his family in Oregon.

Paul Owen Paul Owen

Paul was born and raised in the Kingston polygamist group. Through his study of the Bible, he came to realize that Jesus, and not fundamentalism, was the way to salvation. In his 50s, he left the group and began following Jesus. Paul lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Susan Ray Schmidt Susan Ray Schmidt

Susan was raised in the LeBaron fundamentalist group in Mexico. At the age of 15, she was married to Verlan LeBaron, and was a witness to the growing violence of the LeBaron group. At great personal risk, she fled with her children. She has written a book about her ordeal, His Favorite Wife. Susan lives in southern Idaho.

Raquel Sturm Raquel Sturm

Raquel was raised as mainline LDS, but was introduced to fundamentalism by her fiancé, and her studies into original Mormonism convinced her that this was the right path. After experiencing polygamist marriage, she encountered the true Jesus, and has since left fundamentalism. Raquel lives in Utah.

Sandra Tanner Sandra Tanner

Sandra was raised mainline LDS, but as a descendant of Brigham Young, comes from a "prestigious" polygamist pedigree. She and her late husband, Jerald, encountered Jesus as young adults, and eventually established the Utah Lighthouse Ministry, a well-known and well-respected resource for Mormonism research.

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