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The Ministries of Main Street Church
List of Ministry/Church Life Contacts

  If you are a follower of Jesus, you have a ministry. "Ministry" can happen anywhere, at any time, with anyone, through anyone. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we seek to be in tune with what He wants to do--in, through, and around us. The list of ministries shown here is not an exhaustive list of the ministry that God is doing in and through us, the believers at Main Street Church. It does represent some of the more "formalized" activities that God has established in our midst, and in which we take great joy in participating!

Church Ministry Church Ministry

Main Street Church is a small, thriving community of followers of Jesus who meet regularly to worship together, serve, fellowship, pray for one another, share our joys and burdens with one another...and even enjoy and have fun with one another. Wherever you are on your "journey," you are more than welcome to join us. So if you're a believer, we'd love to have you visit or join us; if you're just exploring, that's okay too...we'd love to share the Jesus who has forever changed our lives with you! Learn more about our church life here.

Women's Ministry Women's Ministry

A multi-church women's Bible study meets at Main Street Church Monday evenings & Tuesday mornings, led by Dorothy Catlin. (Childcare provided at Tuesday morning meetings only.) Bible study does not meet during the summer.

Men's Ministry Men's Ministry

The Men's group meets on alternating Saturday mornings at Main Street Church for Bible study and sharing. All men are welcome! (Men's group does not meet during the summer months.)

Children & Youth Ministry

Main Street Church has an active children's ministry, which includes nursery/Sunday School for kids infant through 5th grade (which meets during the teaching portion of the worship service), as well as periodic children and youth activities throughout the year. Karen Holder heads the children & youth ministry & activities at Main Street.

Media Outreach Ministry

Even though we are a small congregation, we've had a long history of involvement in multimedia outreach, particularly in the arena of ministry to Latter-day Saints. Several feature-length documentaries have been produced, and are continuing to be produced, by this church, and an ongoing multimedia web outreach is also an active part of our ministry as a church.

Answers Answers for Mormons

As a church located in downtown Brigham City, an area with a high concentration of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), some of our outreach efforts are focused on sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our Mormon neighbors and loved ones. We have compiled a substantial body of information on this website for both Mormons with questions, as well as non-Mormons who want to better understand the culture, doctrine, issues, and challenges facing Mormonism today.

Missionary 911 Misionary 911

Main Street Church's latest video project: a video teaching tool to help equip Christians to have meaningful, respectful, and productive conversations with Mormon missionaries!

Sacred Groves Sacred Groves

Main Street Church's newest Internet-based ministry, Sacred Groves, is a compilation of video testimonies of men and women out of Mormon traditions that have had a genuine encounter with the living Jesus Christ--this is a website we created for seeking, questioning Mormons looking for answers to the challenges, and a reason for hope on the other side of their journey out of Mormonism.

A Shield and Refuge Ministry

This ministry began out of this church's desire to support a Christian outreach to Mormon Fundamentalists (polygamists), who are truly an "unreached people group" right here in our own backyard. Led by Doris Hanson, a woman who herself comes from a Fundamentalist background, Shield and Refuge offers both biblical support and counsel to those seeking freedom from polygamy, as well as the physical and material assistance to escape polygamy and establish life "on the outside".

The Hagar Home The Hagar Home

A new vision in coordination with A Shield and Refuge Ministry--we desire to establish a safehouse to provide for the unique needs of those fleeing polygamy. For more information, please visit the website,

Polygamy: What Love Is This? Polygamy: What Love Is This?

This television program began as a live, call-in show broadcast each Thursday night on Salt Lake City's KTMW-TV20. Since the sale of TV20 in 2015, the program has moved to Internet broadcasting, including a proprietary Roku-TV channel. As far as we know, it is the only program in existence that deals with the topic of polygamy from a biblical Christian perspective. The host, Doris Hanson, frequently interviews special guests who bring fascinating perspectives to this controversial subject. Our goal is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ with our viewers, and let polygamists know that this lifestyle is not required for salvation!

Ex Mormon Files The Ex-Mormon Files

Former LDS bishop Earl Erksine hosts a weekly half-hour internet program in which he interviews people who have left Mormon traditions and have found new life in Jesus Christ. It is available online and on its own Roku-TV channel.

Food Pantry Food Pantry

Main Street Church maintains a food pantry with non-perishable items to assist those who are in need of food. While the principle users are those attending Main Street Church, it is open to the community, by appointment. Contributions of non-perishable, non-expired goods are always welcome! (By law we cannot make expired goods available to the public; we must dispose of them.) The food pantry is managed by Marie Hartin and Colleen Hamson.


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