Blank Main Street Church of Brigham City
(Listed by Function/Ministry)
Announcements (Laura Stephens)
"Bind Us Together" Women's Ministries (Patti Glover)
City Lights / Salt & Light Writers (Diane Kulkarni)
Children's Ministries (Karen Holder)
Coffee Coordinator (Laura Stephens)
Communion (Sandy Stueland)
Dinner for Eight (Sandy Stueland)
Ex Mormon Files (Earl Erskine)
Family Ministries (Jeff Glover)
Food Pantry (Joyce Dobbins / Sandy Stueland)
Greeters (Dennis & Erika Pimper)
Housekeeping (Volunteers Needed!)
Media Ministries (Scott Johnson)
Men's Bible Study (Steve Dobbins)
Newsletter (Karen Holder)
Office Manager (Kathy Love)
Ordering Books/Videos (Kathy Love)
Pastor (Jim Catlin)
Peach Days (Dorothy Catlin)
Polygamy: What Love Is This? (Doris Hanson)
Prayer Chain (Karen Holder)
Sacred Groves Network (Scott Johnson)
Shield and Refuge Ministry (Doris Hanson)
Supplies (Bob Holder)
Take A Meal (Karen Holder)
Worship Ministries (Dorothy Catlin)
Women's Bible Study (Dorothy Catlin)
Van Transportation (Larry Reitbauer)
Staff (Alphabetical Order)
Jim Catlin (Pastor)
Earl Erskine (Ex Mormon Files)
Doris Hanson (Shield & Refuge / Polygamy: What Love Is This)
Scott Johnson (Media Production / Sacred Groves)
Kathy Love (Bookkeeping / Office Management)
Betsey McCarley (Bookkeeping / Office Management)

Main Street Church

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